Spring Ham Shoots

Thank you to all Game Club members, loyal customers and new customers for making our spring 2024 ham shoots a success!

See you in the fall for our turkey shoots.

See map below or go to our club facilities location page. https://wethersfieldgameclub.com/directions/

For more information on trap shooting during the ham shoots, go to our trap shooting page for details.  https://wethersfieldgameclub.com/trap-shooting/

Hours of Operation

9:00 am until noon
(or later depending on the crowd)

Our Prices:

Ham – $2 per shot
Beef – $5 per shot
Trap – $3 for 5 shots using our ammo
$3 for 10 shots using your ammo.

Same as our Fall Turkey Shoots Just without the turkey’s.
Each week we will have hams ($2), beefs ($5) and 50/50 shoots ($5) and might even have a few pork loin shoots as well.  We also offer Trap Shooting on these days.  See our trap shooting page for details.

How a shoot works; each person purchases a ticket to shoot for a ham or beef.  That ticket corresponds with a group and target number.  When your group is called to the line, you will proceed to the firing area where you take your shot at the paper target matching the number on your ticket.  After all shooters have shot at their targets, you can proceed to the judging station.  At that time our judges will see who had a pellet closest to the crossed center lines on the target.  If your pellet is closest you win.

Game club facilities location